Dynamic Pricing Capabilities

The heart of of any restaurant is your menu and the ability to keep it updated and market both staple items and new additions in a way that keeps your customers coming back for more. To stay competitive, you need a system that offers dynamic pricing capabilities with flexibility, efficiency, and consistency to make your operations run as seamlessly as possible.


In the restaurant business, pricing is the main link between marketing, sales, and the end customer, so having the flexibility to make pricing changes quickly across the entire system gives you more control over your entire business.

Many restaurants are plagued with outdated systems or spreadsheets to manage their pricing changes, giving them little flexibility to act quickly on the latest trends and market intelligence. Phase 2 has experience producing software that streamlines menu changes and additions and ties them to individual markets, all in one platform, accessible from any device.


Pricing rollouts can be messy and time consuming, but Phase 2 has proven experience designing systems to reduce the menu rollout time and increase the ability to introduce new items and edit the pricing of existing items as pricing intelligence indicates.

Marketing and promotion drives these rollouts, so ensuring that stores have the correct marketing materials and menus in a timely manner can be the difference between your items being a success or a failure. This can all be done from one system, ensuring that all stores and markets get new pricing simultaneously.


Maintaining consistency across stores can be a challenge as changes are introduced, especially for franchises. Phase 2 has experience with pricing management in companies with franchisees where autonomy is needed for pricing within a market, yet consistency of the brand must be maintained.

We have knowledge and experience to help balance pricing between corporate stores and franchisees so your pricing follows general rules and marketing can drive the brand across all stores and menus.