Personalized Experience

Customers today demand not only quick service, but they want the places they visit frequently to know them and their preferences. This brings a whole new level of complexity to pricing and suggesting products to consumers to meet their expectations and stay competitive.

Individualized Menus

More and more customers are seeking individualized treatment and are more likely to return to a business where they feel known and are treated like a "regular". Building a system that implements individualized menus helps to create that personalized experience customers are looking for.

Amazon has seen overwhelming success with this model even though the consumer never actually comes into contact with a human. By creating recommendations and a personalized suggestion list based on the consumer's previous purchases, Amazon has created one of the quickest, most efficient shopping platforms that has ever existed.

Customer Recommendations

With extremely tight margins, upselling customers with add-on items is critical to the quick serve restaurant industry. A system built with robust tracking can auto-fill a menu based on a customer's order history along with real data confirming the most common items that should be paired with one another to make the customer's options most appealing.

These recommendations could also take into account your stock levels and automatically remove very low stocked items or recommend items that might expire soon.

Customer individualization can also feature special prices and rewards for specific items helping to make each customers experience the best.

Preference Tracking

Building a system with the abilty to track and analyze a customer's preferences is a new level of personalization that the quick service restaurant industry has yet to master. Companies like Amazon prove models like this can be realized and they are extremely successful.

In the restaurant space, a system like this can track a customer's regular orders and be able to automatically customize a digital menu specifically for them. Customers want to see their standard order front and center to make an easy and quick selection.

This provides very fine detailed analytics to feed into the entire system to assist you with pricing, marketing, and operations.